About Us

Our company specializes in producing highest quality patio mister for misting systems.

For over a decade, Patiomister.com has been an innovative and leading manufacturer of patio mister. Our company specializes in producing the highest quality misting nozzles and misting system parts for outdoor cooling and industrial misting applications. Our versatile misting nozzles can be used for the do-it-yourself low pressure mist cooling systems or for producing an ultrafine mist needed in high pressure systems such as dust suppression, odor control, warehouse cooling and many other applications. We produce the following kinds of nozzles: cleanable nozzles, anti-drip nozzles, mosquito misting nozzles, KBN ceramic nozzles, standard misting nozzles, and stainless steel misting nozzles. For example, anti-drip nozzles may be used where standard nozzles are unsuitable because dripping can occur and be harmful. We recommend anti-drip nozzles for greenhouse humidification, industrial cooling, and mosquito control systems. Cleanable nozzles come with a fog pin for easy cleaning and are made of high quality stainless steel. These qualities aid in maintaining the misting system for years to come. Fog mist nozzles (.04 to .06 orifice) can be used to create an extra fine mist for specialized applications such as keeping produce fresh but not overly wet. We have an extensive selection of nozzles that are available for any type of misting system needed.